Ratifying The United States Constitution Essay

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On September 17, 1787 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 39 delegates signed the United States Constitution, the supreme law of the United States of America. December 7, 1787, the process of ratifying the United Sates Constitution began with the first five states to quickly ratify the document. However other stated opposed the document, causing the complete ratification of the United States Constitution to be delayed. The United States Constitution was narrowly ratified on June 21, 1788 with nine of the 13 states adopting the document as its supreme law. It was agreed that the government under the Unites States Constitution would begin on March 4, 1789, shortly after George Washington was elected as the first United States president. The United States Constitution was ratified by the last state, Rhode Island on May 29, 1790. The Constitution of the United States is the first constitution of its kind, and has influenced the constitutions of other nations. Since its ratification in 1789, the United States Constitution has been amended 27 times, the first ten amendments known as the Bill of rights, offered specific protections of individual liberty and justice and place restrictions on the powers of government. The remaining 17 amendments expanded on individual civil rights, helped address federal authority, and modified government procedures. Howard Zinn claims there was discontent for the United States Constitution from the beginning, “By 1787 there was not only a positive…

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