Rape In Native Son

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Although society criticizes women for lack of modesty, contradictorily society has set the false impression in women 's minds that in order for a woman to attract a man; she must present herself in a certain sexual manner. Instead of women being idolized and appreciated for their intelligence and strength, women have been falsely taught that they must use sex to attract a man. This type of attraction tends to encourage the wrong kind of men.
Women 's bodies have been depicted as sexual objects for males’ pleasure. Throughout history, women have been expected to cover their bodies and taught it was disgraceful to do otherwise. Women are socially restricted when it comes to what they are allowed to wear because of the biased associations attached
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When a woman is raped by a man, she is coddled by her friends and family and typically given the emotional support needed to help guide her through the situation. In the novel Native Son, a young woman named Mary is believed to have been raped by a young man named Bigger. Although these acquisitions are false, society’s reaction is pure outrage and they all stand to defend the victim (Wright 399-400). Even when a woman is molested by another woman, she is given the same support and rarely faces judgment. But when a man is raped by another man, he typically fears the assumptions that will be made about him. Male rape victims in these situations are usually labeled as homosexuals. These victims are harassed and ridiculed instead of uplifted and supported. All victims of rape experience serious physiological issues, so out casting and shamming a group of these individuals only further damages these victims.
There is also the social stigma associated with rape implying that men cannot be raped by women. In order for a woman to rape a man, his penis must be erect. This leads to the deceitful idea that if a man 's penis is erect then he is enjoying the sexual actions being performed on him. No matter how repulsed a man is during a sexual situation, his body will naturally react to the stimulation he is

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