Feminism In Rape Culture

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Rape Culture: An excepted and standard norm of feminism in everyday society.
Rape culture has been argued controversially throughout the nation since the 1960’s and 70’s. Then, the “dominant idea” of rape was a stranger sexually assaulting the victim in a dark alley and leaving them there. Over time, the mythological aspect of this topic was unraveled and the truth was revealed. The sad truth being that most sexual assaults (rapes) are committed by people known to the victim. Though rape culture has been a fairly touchy subject for some time, many do not fully understand what the true concept of the matter is. In culture of rape, sexual violence is assimilated and viewed as an imminent conceptualization. The blame would normally be place upon
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A culture that contains values just as any other. One value, being the great abundance of hatred for women. It is believed that rape has become frequent and accepted as the norm, just as things such as gangs, sex, fraternities, and drugs. Society has become acquainted to what they feel will never be eliminated. Almost as though, a sense of comfort is okay in a cultures such as this. According to the Center for Disease Control, the highest estimate of woman raped every year is 1.3 million. Of that 1.3 million, over 51% of rapes go unreported. There are women that are raped and sometimes murdered that never see justice, and in a society such as this one, this is alright. There are not only women, but children that are traumatically scarred for the rest of their lives for being raped by strangers, friends of family members, or in most case their own fathers. While a vast majority would stand for sexual abuse no longer, people like Senator Richard Black of Virginia State says, “Rape is human nature”. It is understood that studies have found the dramatic incline of sexual assaults trying. But, the fact that this “America”, seems to have become adjusted to the sexual assaults of women is sickening. The last line of the Pledge of Allegiance reads, “One Nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for ALL.” Does the concept of all apply to all women? The answer is yes. All victims raped should see …show more content…
Women are not to blame for their raping. A woman cannot control a man based upon her looks, or her actions. Men know when a woman is giving consent to sexual intercourse, and therefore there is no confusion in the matter. The correct description for this disgusting behavior is a “lack of self-obedience.” Men are brought in to this world raised in a society where they must be aggressive and dominant. Women are raised in a society where they are to be as passive and nurturing as possible; this is mainly so that they are less likely to challenge a man 's aggression. However, if a man 's aggression is to be challenged a woman is more than likely to be the more suitable target, because it is easier for him to establish dominance. There is no room for these acts of “Neanderthals”, and there is no place for them in this society. That is why the society as a whole must come together, inseparable. Place the blame on he who committed the crime, and help to heal those victims, instead of exiling them for being assaulted. Rape is a vicious crime and it destroys victims psychologically and physically. The last things thing they need is more

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