Rap Music And Its Influence On Society Essay

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“Biggie Biggie Biggie can’t you see sometimes your love just hypnotize me.” “Watch me Whip. Watch me Nae Nae. Watch me Whip Whip. Watch me Nae Nae.” “Like never leave me, won’t forsake me. If you don’t help me, I won’t make it.” Could you name any of these song lyrics? Think about the ones you could and could not. These are lyrics of traditional and modern day R&B and gospel songs. The comparison between these lyrics show the way rap music has changed throughout time. Rap music is defined as hard rhymes with messages of life and the streets. Corresponding, gospel music is classified as uplifting and enriching music. Even though some people believe rap music is a sense of expression, rap music is more influential than Christian/ gospel music because people strive to imitate the lifestyle that rappers live, it increases the death rate, and it diminishes the hard work that Christians do.
A reason that rap music has a negative influence on society is because people strive to imitate the lifestyle of a rapper. Hip-hop culture was created in the 1970’s. Hip-hop has undergone changes that would be considered degenerating to black culture. “ If people were to go back to 1995 and before they would say hip-hop was uplifting” (Roberts). In today’s society the culture of hip-hop has been diminished by rap music by the use of vogue and explicit themes. By the increased modern rap the true message behind hip-hop culture has been extinguished. Not only has the rap genre increased the…

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