Racism : The United States Essay

1315 Words Jun 29th, 2015 null Page
The U.S. currently faces many issues that are critical. Right now one of the most complex problems the U.S. has is racism. Even though racism has history and many people have fought against it, we still haven’t overcome this issue which keeps growing. In the U.S. African Americans and Hispanics are the ones who suffer the most with racisms every day. Recently there has been two events were racism is the reason of this attacks. First the shooting in Charleston, South Carolina where a white man was arrested for the racially motivated shooting deaths of nine black church members. Then the speech of Donald Trump who accused Mexicans to be rapists, thieves, assassins, drug dealers and much more. Also argued that he would construct the tallest wall all over U.S. borders to prevent Mexicans to come to U.S. Hillary Clinton blamed Trump for the South Carolina massacre and personally I do agree with her because he initiated racism with his speech. Donald Trump provoke American citizens to feel superior than everyone else and I believe that’s wrong because where all the same, we are humans. Fortunately for issues there are always solutions. In reality it would be very hard to end racism, but we have the power to control it and prevent it. Racism is an inborn aspect that we evolve during our lives. This means that we are not born hating other people, but we learn through our life. The best way to search for solutions to end racism is by classifying different levels of our society.…

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