Racism Social Problems

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What is the definition of a social problem? According to Joel Best, a social problem is anything that takes place within a society that is considered an issue and affects people as a whole. It isn’t recognized as a problem unless society feels the need to acknowledge it as one. Therefore, it is a condition that harms society that must be acknowledged in order to be an issue. As I began to research what I wanted to do my paper over, I reflected on the multitudes of things happening in the United States of America. There were several issues I felt I could have talked about such as the war on terror, degrading view on women and even job discrimination, however, I decided to write my paper on police brutality amongst minorities.
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However, this isn’t new to society only because police brutality spans from the roots of cultural oppression which is racism. Racism has been a social problem that has wreaked havoc on the entire world for many years. Specifically, if we want to talk about the United States, racism has affected this country for over 400 years. This all began with slavery. However, I didn’t want to start with slavery for this particular paper. I figured talking about slavery would only focus more on the direct racism that slaves felt back then. Though policing was quite relevant back then I wanted to fast forward and talk about things that have happened within the last century to prove my claim that police brutality is a social problem that needs to be …show more content…
As sickening as this was, the Tulsa Race Riots were not the only race riots that affected African American communities. During the Red Summer of 1919 many people of color lost their lives all over the united states, especially in Chicago, Washington D.C., and Elaine, Arkansas (Lewis, 1). It was as if the nation declared an all-out war on black people and therefore it looked as if mini genocides were occurring across the country. Therefore, with all the violence taking place a changed needed to happen as soon as

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