Racism Is Not A Dangerous Event Essay

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Most people have fears of monsters and ghouls. As an African-American the horror is alot more realistic in many cases.No reports have shown anyone being killed by a monster or a ghoul.However,countless black men and women have lost their lives to police officers.A traffic stop shouldn’t be a dangerous event,but to often it has.Their lives have been lost due to racism in our country.Now of course, it isn’t anything like the African-Americans faced in the 1800 and 1900s but it’s still relevant.It is hard for people to be truthful about this topic I have come to find out.I have 18 years of life,and I have experienced a vast amount of racism. The only thing about it is it’s subtle and most people won’t really pick up on it.I am not the type of African-American who is sensitive to say every comment is racist.The harsh reality is that racism is still an active practice taught from generation to generation.The lives of African Americans in the United States during the 2000s aren’t considered as valuable as whites. I can’t act like everything going on is okay.America has been a country full of problems and racism since it was founded.I honestly don’t feel that my worth as a black man is valued.I have been pulled over numerous times by the police.I will clear up the stereotype that all officers are bad. However,I have came across a few who fit that stereotype quite well.I can recall one day I was 15 and I actually was leaving a Lindenwood football camp.As ironic…

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