Racism In Society And Social Issues In The United States

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The United States is currently in a state of peril. With racial tensions at an all time high and the numerous movements for the lives and rights of African-Americans, the United States government is notably absent from the issue. They have neglected to resolve the problem letting it only compound into what it is today. Police brutalities, mass incarcerations, disadvantageous social positions, and a multitude of other injustices have pushed the black community down in American society. The multiple violations against the democratic process, an inability to protect the general welfare of citizens, and even a recommendation from the United Nations to stop these human rights violations only exemplify why the United States government should create …show more content…
The losses of life from racial prejudices have been a key component of popular media, meaning most people in the United States have been exposed to the problem. With the increased use of technology in our society, video recordings of these events are much more common place, being shared millions of times in social media. It is troubling to see an innocent person be attacked by the very institution poised to protect them, especially when the situation could be applied one’s own life. Social media and viral videos advertise the injustices, but, while it makes the general population aware of the wrongdoings of society, it is detrimental to the mental health of many minorities. For example, Text 2 discusses a study that reported “a PTSD prevalence rate of 9.1 percent in blacks, compared to 6.8 percent in whites, 5.9 percent in Hispanics, and 1.8 percent in Asians.” This significant increased percentage for post traumatic stress disorder in African-Americans is due to the internalization of racism on an individual basis. They see these videos of fellow black Americans being attacked by the very institution designed to protect them, and then they live with the heightened fear of the police, a staple of society. More immediately, mental problems can be seen directly on social media, with many users asking not to share the videos or even declaring their temporary departure to escape the topic. As Text 2 states, “These expressions of anger, sadness and grief can hint at something much more serious… It can lead to depression, substance abuse and, in some cases, psychosis.” The United States is failing to provide for the general welfare of it’s citizens by not addressing the prevalent racial issues. Therefore, it is only logical that the United States should stop these racial attacks by passing legislation to control

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