Racism Essay

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Over the last 100 years 62 million people have died from incidents that were rooted from racism. That’s obviously a lot less from when there were slaves down south, but those numbers aren’t decreasing at any fast rate. People see racism on a day to day basis and don’t even understand the effects it has on those victims. In America 95% people admitted that they were some sort of racist. It is not just a thing of the past; I realized that I have seen this issue in many different states plus Montana and they were all expressed in a variety of ways- not one person did a thing to stop it or ask why they were doing it. It seems nobody thinks or does much about racism these days, and in every state it was brought about in a unique manner. …show more content…
Those experiences I will never forget and every day I continue to notice it just around town doing my usual things. All my life I have lived in Helena and until just recently I have started to notice how people don’t treat African- Americans, Mexicans, or even Japanese fairly. In restaurants I notice some waiters will serve and wait on the white people making everyone else wait for service, sometimes having to walk out without any at all. In stores like Shopko or Target if someone of a different race was working the register they would always be observed by a higher Caucasian co-worker. I over hear people at school saying how much they dislike “the blacks, Asians, or Mexicans” wishing that Obama will be assassinated someday. All of these comments are just bewildering to me; they are just a different color so that’s a reason to speak down to them? When they look in the mirror considering the horrible comments said to them, every day a piece of them is lost. It has been gathered that 8 out of every 10 African- American has thought of committing suicide, so they wouldn’t have to hear those constant comments all the time. Maybe it is just strong minded people who think racism is right but whoever they may be their victims will never truly know why. Most people who have been asked why they are racist said that they were raised like

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