Racism And The American Indians Essay

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The 1607 founding of Jamestown, Virginia started off with racism. The racism was against the native Indians . The English settlers began to have their differences with the Indians which resulted in the Indians being discriminated. As America was growing and expanding, the slaves were brought in. Slaves were highly discriminated by the American people because of their color. Slaves were treated like property and not like human beings. After California was ceded to the United States gold was found and thus the Gold rush fever began which caused many people to arrive to California. The immigrants then began to experience racism along with the Indians. Each time a new form of racism happened to a group of people, the government would take a while before acting against it. Eventually at some point the government makes acts against the racism and “ wipes it out”. Even Though if the government acted against racism, it always finds a way to come back into the lives of the people living in America.
The racism with the Native American Indians started off by the new settlers pushing them out of their land. “ The settlers’ success, however rested on depriving Native americans of their land” (Foner 47). The settlers succeeded in obtaining land by oppressing the indians. Before the settlers arrived to America the Indians had their own traditional methods and way of life. “ As settlers fenced in more and more land and introduced new crops and livestock, the natural environment changed in…

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