Gold Rush Effects

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The Gold Rush was one of the biggest events that have happened in the United States of America prior to 1848. It was one of the biggest economic sources of California and the Californian people. 1849 Gold was discovered in the Sierra Nevada 's on the California side. Many people around the world heard about it and traveled all over the place from China, Japan and even down in South America. It was a Gold frenzy that had set in from Novice miners to big industry started a gold rush to California. Many of those people were excited because they would have make a lot of revenues from the gold. During that time gold was worth so much to where people will fight about it. Greed had took in over so many people that they even fought about it. During the same year huge mining operations were already equipped to extract gold at an exhilarating rate.

Even so this cause a lot of shortages in jobs all across
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They also had environmental degradation issues in the mining region. The miners came together and had taken down most of the trees to build shelters and mining equipment. This made the soil, loosen up and it resulted in major erosion when rains came. In addition, as companies began to take over their increasingly would use pumps to blast away the earth to sift for gold. The remaining material would just be dumped in rivers and left to float downstream

Even though there were some negative aspects of the situation, there were some good for the Californians working in the gold mines and for the people who are living in that area or around San Francisco. A lot of jobs had start to flurries as of manufacturing, banking, entertainment, trading and other types of businesses. The population of San Fransisco had went from a little of 2500 to a big 15,000 in just about 6 months. Over 150,000 people arrived in San Francisco during 1949. Total number of people who migrated over the course of 3 years (1849-51) was almost

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