Symbolism In The Color Purple

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The significance of color is mentioned here in the novel the color purple. It is the color of the judgment, and of people who seeks for spiritual fulfillment. It is being said, if you surround yourself with the purple color, you will feel the peace of mind.
The color purple is the novel written by Alice walker in 1982, an award winning American writer for fiction. She won two famous awards for her fiction work, such as the Pulitzer prize and the national book award. Her novel color purple is adopted into a film and gets huge popularity.

Black Feminism
Black feminism is the type of feminism. Unlike other types, this school of thought talks about that class opperession, racism and sexism which are strongly connected to gether. The relation of all these with each other is called
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She should have this power to against the will of men and pursue her wish over what others decide for her. But this was considered as wrong in aferican society and their believes. Woman get more courage, when she stand for herself and try to take step for her equality and venerability. It is very common in us that, when we try to do something we get surety of rightness from everyone than we have it. Sometimes we are unable to chose something for our self by our own, we fear from the results of good and bad. By sharing about what we want, boost our confidence towards the perfectness.
In the novel the character of shug presented as the role model of celie, who boosts her confidence to stand up for herself. Shug strengthen celie to reply back to her husband in case of fighting because of the worse treamnet of her husband which she faces daily. After the encouragement from shug, celie realizes her worth and become self-confident, that changes her life and make her an independent and successful lady.

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