Racial Segregation And Racial Discrimination Essay

1195 Words Dec 21st, 2015 null Page
Racism is an issue still deeply engrained in every aspect American life. This country’s history was rooted in slavery and inequality among races. While there has been progress to create a fair and equal America for the future, many citizens stubbornly cling to their preconceived racial prejudices. For my experiment, I would like to further study themes of racism and discrimination by exploring the difference in racism between genders. Are white men more likely to hold racist attitudes than white women? I’m interested to see if women hold less racist beliefs than men because of their lower held status in society. Do white women feel empathy toward those facing racial injustice due to their own unequal standing? Or are their racial beliefs worse than or on par with the beliefs of white males. My experiment will hopefully shed light on the gender makeup of racial discrimination in U.S. society and if privilege affects racial understandings. Racial discrimination has been previously studied quite frequently in the field of social psychology. Before forming an experimental idea, it’s imperative to understand and define the terms relevant to my theory. Discrimination is described as a generalized behavior towards members of a social group, whereas prejudice is based on an individuals feeling toward a specific social group. For my study, I would like to focus on racial discrimination, and the behaviors white men and women display toward African American individuals. One…

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