Racial Prejudice : Racism And Prejudice Essay

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When kids are bullied, there is a reason behind it. It can be because he or she is ugly, short, or other reasons. Race can also be the “reason”. When someone gets bullied because of their race, it is called racism. So what do you think racism means? Do you think it means calling a Mexican a beaner, or telling an Asian that he has to be a doctor because of his bloodline? Or do you think it is a natural thing in society? In the dictionary it says that, “a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.” This “belief” is wrong and it can be found in many places, and we are finding it in education, which is affecting students.
Examples of racial prejudice can be found in many works of fiction. In the book. To Kill A Mockingbird, the n-word was used to insult. We found an example of this when Scout’s cousin, Francis, used it to Atticus for supporting a black man. He said to Scout, “‘He’s nothin’ but a nigger-lover!’” (Lee 110). This is important because it shows how carelessly people use the n-word, especially children. Also, it shows how it is used in a discriminatory way because he says Atticus is nothing, but a “nigger-lover”. This shows that society, not only ignores racism, but accepts it .
Racism has not only influenced society as a whole, but also small individual communities. One example of this is in RITS, when the Younger family, a black family, is approached…

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