Essay on Racial Prejudice And Racial Profiling

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For decades, many words have been used to prejudice people in from a certain ethnic group or race. Since childhood, we grew being taught that we ought to ignore individuals that use foul language. However, everyone is aware of how some words could be really hurting to another person. It can really hurt when somebody starts hurling hateful words and names towards us. Moreover, it would be more hurting if racial or ethnic slurs were to be used against someone.
Racial slurs could have been used as a joke, but others use them in a patronizing manner resulting in feelings of hatred or violence. There are numerous slurs existing amidst citizens in our nation. This paper focuses on ‘spic’ as a racial slur. The paper also gives an account of the mentioned origins of the slur, race, or group targeted by the slur, evolution of the slur, and recommendation for fighting such a slur.
For decades, the slum ‘spic’ has been used as a tool of degradation used in a similar intent as the words ‘chink’ and ‘nigger’. Spic is defined by most people as an offensive word used to refer to Spanish-speaking people from, Spain, Portugal, South or Central America, and Mexico. There exists numerous versions of the slur’s etymological origin story.
One of the famous origin story is an account by a reporter of the Saturday Evening Outpost who had been sent to Panama to write about the North American laborers who were digging the Panama Canal. The reporter said that while at Panama, he noted…

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