Definition Of Terms By Lucia Perillo Analysis

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In “Definition of Terms,” author Lucia Perillo analyzes the various terms in which her condition (multiple sclerosis) is known as and how their meanings vary. According to Perillo, society has identified the beauty within people like herself and fear they won’t match up. Because of this, slurs such as cripple, disabled, or handicapped are used in order to mask this treasure within an individual (Perillo 16). As Perillo suggests, a speaker using slurs forces themselves into a toxic state of mind (Perillo 6). Perillo presents this claim as a comparison with stories, providing strong imagery. Throughout Perillo’s paper, she is almost constantly revolving around the definitions of the terms cripple, disabled, and handicapped. She identifies each term’s history, the settings in which it is used in, and how she feels about the term- all attributing too and morphing each one’s definition. Mostly because of her affection for the story “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut, Perillo finds “most accurate to my current state,” is …show more content…
Throughout her article, she prods at the reader’s logical side and shows the foundations and structure these terms by using words like “etymologically”, “archaic”, “inarticulateness”, “gnomic”, and “archetypal” to explain why a term is inadequate or not. Because these advanced words are used correctly and explain each slur 's foundations, the audience is more likely to understand and respect Perillo’s usage of diction. Perillo then aims for the heart by using words such as “cloying”, “propriety”, “bonhomie”, “ill-bred”, “genteel”, and “offensive”. Each word relates to one another because they describe morals or emotions and further her argument by stirring up a reader’s emotions. Not only is her diction clearly accurate and advanced, it proves to be logical and interacts with one’s

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