Racial Inequalities And Racial Discrimination Essay

1917 Words May 11th, 2016 null Page
The issues related to racial inequities are so deeply ingrained in American society that they are nearly invisible, meanwhile most White Americans are unaware of the advantages they enjoy in this society and how their attitudes and actions unintentionally discriminate against People of Color (President 's Initiative on Race, 1998). Wilson (2009), says that “…at its core, racism is an ideology of racial domination with two key features: (1) beliefs that one race is either biologically or culturally inferior to another and (2) the use of such beliefs to rationalize or prescribe the way that the ‘inferior’ race should be treated in this society, as well as to explain its social position as a group and its collective accomplishments” (p. 15).
“African [Americans] were said by some historians to have no history, by linguistics to have had inferior language, by political scientist to have had poor self-government, by psychologist to have had low intelligence, by biologist to have had inferior genes, and by theologians to have had no soul –among other things” (Delpit & Dowdy, 2002, p. 90; Guthrie 1976; Hegel 1831, Turner 1969). These beliefs are still help by many scholars today, which is especially problematic for student success and overall well-being. Therefore, it illuminates communities for People of Color from a deficit view, instead of a community with an abundance of cultural wealth that Students of Color can bring with them from their homes and communities into the…

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