Negative Effects Of Slavery In America

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For years slavery has been one of the most unexplained, and also unresolved issues in American history. The emotional toll that slavery has taken on society today is one of the most interesting to understand. Depending on who you ask some people say that slavery was actually “good for society today”,which is something that is an opinion and can never truly be justified. The history of slavery is actually more than just one culture, nationality or religion. It’s more than just what the books tell and have a deeper meaning than what society today believes, unless a person truly knows their roots, there isn’t a way to go back in history and see it all or learn it all, besides what a book says.
Slavery in America first began in 1619, when African
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However, the bigger issue today is the media. When you listen to the radio or watch television you always get to understand how African Americans are depicted in the media. Even fastened African Americans are routinely scorn and dishonored by the negative awareness and subconscious stereotypical messages that are constantly being broadcast by the media. Anyone who visits high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools today will see that children are friendlier with each other no matter the race, socioeconomic, cultural and religious backgrounds. The kids are unaware of the differences people really have in this world. Racism has to be taught in one’s household, that’s the problem today people really don’t want to be honest on what really took place in the past. In order for anyone to understand the impact of slavery on the society of America today, you must appreciate the effects after slavery or control on any society. Slavery stems from a belief of superiority and stems from a belief that the other is inferior and hence, less than a human. As humans, we are all people of our environments;as a result, our neighborhoods, churches, schools, and families mold us. Our experiences have a profound influence on our beliefs and values. Many families in America are teaching …show more content…
However, the way you let slavery affect you or impact you is your personal business. People of America should never let pain and challenges affect them forever. We can all grow together and move forward with life. Although many people were involved in slavery and scarred for life, we have to help them remember the good of America as a whole. We have to make sure that those who were affected tremendously get the respect and support that they need. It’s not easy to get treated poorly with no say so in how you're being treated. Think of all those families who lost loved one, who couldn’t provide for their families, who really struggles nothing that their significant other was treated brutal. However, we have to reward those who actually fought for their lives to stand up for what they believed was right. Many people could have just obeyed their masters instead of retaliating, but no they spoke up for up they believed in. In addition to that, many slaves learned a lot of things while being in slavery. Honestly, they learned how to work, read, and write. So truth be told slaves were very smart and hard working. Even though slaves weren’t allowed to read and write they still found a way to do it, because they didn’t want to be perceived as dumb or illiterate. Many people in society now already still believe that African Americans are not as qualified as others so slaves were trying to make a

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