Essay about Racial Climate And Its Effect On The Campus Environment

719 Words Aug 24th, 2016 3 Pages
Summer Bridge has been a month filled with so many surprises, I have become knowledgeable in so many issues that are currently occurring, The readings have impacted not only my perspective as a student but also my future aspirations. I resonated the most with the author Yosso, a chicana that reflects on her personality as a light skin, she scrutinizes the effects that the campus environment has in the achievement of every student. Yosso’s main idea throughout her writing is to explain how Tinto’s model does not account for the experiences of color at a 4 year university, as a result Yosso offers her model which is inclusive and empowering. You may be wondering what models? And why are these models important? Yosso explains that many students face a campus racial climate also known as the environment a student finds at a college campus. Which consist of the diversity in both staff and students, the curriculum that is being covered in regards to historical race, the programs offered and the fulfillment of the school 's mission. If the institution lacks these four elements a student may start to lack academically. As a student 's academics are affected, the graduations rates start to decrease and as the numbers of graduation decrease so does the institutions diversity giving a certain race a dominant power. For example, students have stopped pursuing further education due to the lack of resources, counseling, and college prep. This is an example of institutional racism…

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