Racial Classification Is More Social Than Biological Classification

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In today 's society, human’s are put into groups based on their physical attributes and the system under which they classified called racial classification. After reading multiple sources, it has been confirmed that racial classification only promotes racism through society and culture and ethnic hierarchy. Racial Classification is a very subjective system and tends only to make sense when being used in medical research and practices. It is a mostly unneeded system because it is an inaccurate description of the human race in a biological sense. Racial classification is more social than biological. Medical researchers believe that racial classification is a needed factor in medical practices. The article, “Commentary: Considerations for Use of Racial/Ethnic Classification in Etiologic Research” states that “The use of variables encoding racial categorization has increased in epidemiology” (Kaufman, 291). The use of racial classification has grown, but the source does not elaborate on what racial classification specifically used for in the medical research field and why racial classification is very much needed in epidemiology. According to Blogworldmysteries.com, “All races share 99.99+% of the same genetic materials which means that division of race is largely subjective,” (The power of illusion, 1). So scientifically it doesn’t make any sense to use race in medical research, unless researching the cultural effects on human health and which races are affected…

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