Race Is A Social Construction Means Essay

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Race is groupings of people believed to share common descent based on perceived innate physical similarities (Lecture 3/28/16). Some physical similarities include skin color, head and shape, hair color and texture, shape and size of the nose, eye color and shape, size and shape of the lips, body size, shape musculature, and size of genitalia (Lecture 3/28/16). To say that race is a social construction means that the concept of race results from a process of signification whereby only certain physical characteristics are attributed with meaning and are then used to organize populations into groups which are defined ‘races’ (Smith Lecture March 28). In my own words, this means that people are viewed based off of their race. With a person being a certain race comes how they are looked at, treated, and classified in society. This notion was constructed because there is no biological basis for making the distinctions that we do. But because of race being socially constructed, we are expected to act a certain way based off of race.
Sociologists argue there is a social construction because there is no biological basis for what we do because race is not fixed, objective, or concrete (Smith March 28). Instead, notions of race change depending on social context. With race not being fixed, objective, or concrete, within societies, notions of race change over time, and across societies, notions of race differ (Smith March 28). An example Professor Smith used in class was the twins, Kian…

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