Race And Its Influence On Suicide Rates Essay

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Race and Its Influence on Suicide
To commit suicide is to make the decision to take one’s own life. Nearly 30,000 Americans make this decision each year (Rockett, Wang, Stack, De Leo, Frost, Ducatman & Kaputsa, 2010). Like several other issues in the United States, there is a gap in suicide rates. There are numerous factors that are thought to be correlated with suicide rates. Examples of things that could influence the decision to commit suicide include age, race, ethnicity, income, education, and socioeconomic background (Rockett et al., 2010). This literature review primarily explores the subject of race and its influence over suicide rates. It is hypothesized that White Americans will exhibit higher levels of suicide ideation and attempts than both African Americans and Hispanic Americans. The following research articles, gathered from the PsychInfo database, endeavor to support this hypothesis. In research conducted by Rockett et al. (2010), the goal was to identify which race was more prone to suicide misclassification. The authors hypothesized that Whites would exhibit the highest levels of suicide, yet African Americans would be more prone to suicide misclassification. The subjects of this study were about 100,000 Whites, African Americans, and Hispanics, all deceased U.S. residents. Researchers assumed that if the death certificate stated “suicide” as the cause of death, then it was a true suicide. However, if the cause of death was listed as “undetermined…

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