Race And History Of Race Essay

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week’s assignment the thing that I found the most interesting was learning about the history of race. I am a history buff and love learning about it, which is why I received my bachelor’s in History. The things I focused on the most from this week’s assignment was the history of race that we study on the PBS website, I did some further research into and found some interesting articles to further my knowledge. I believe there is so much that plays a role in race, from the first thought of race to today’s media hype about racial tensions.
History of race Race is an ideology that wasn’t a factor in people’s life in ancient times. People were never segregated by the color of their skin or physical characteristics, they segregated by their religion, social status, and usually language. There has not been any records yet to show that race was in existence before modern time. During the beginning of race development the bible was often used to explain equality between everyone. The first recognition of race was in the sixteenth century, when the Jewish people and their descendants faced discrimination for their conversion to Christianity. During the renaissance era judgements on Americans, Africans, and Asian, by the Europeans became more frequent for judging people. As the race issue continued to progress in the seventeenth century discrimination was growing, and laws formed to fit the race of people, such as interracial marriages were not acceptable and any children conceived…

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