Questions On Quantitative Research And Qualitative Research Essay

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3.6 Choices of research
Bryman and Bell (2007) state that researches have two directions to choose, in general, which are quantitative research and qualitative research. Quantitative research is based on the existing theory or framework to analyze the social phenomena, which is similar with the physical phenomena (Bloch et al., 2014). Qualitative researches utilize the way to interpret, understand and analyze human beings’ behaviors in their social lives and has been used to find out the quality of phenomenon (Morse, 1992; Graneheim and Lundman, 2004), and the objective of qualitative research is to establish the new theory or knowledge rather than testing the hypothesis (Öhman, 2005). At the same time, some researches use mixed-method or multi-method, which means those researches integrate quantitative and qualitative research method in one research in terms of approaches and techniques (Brannen, 2005), and Morgan (2007) states that mixed and multi-method maximize the advantages and minimize the disadvantages of quantitative and qualitative, but more time and resources will be input in the research. Specifically, the choice of selecting the choice of research is based on the objective of the research and what is the appropriate way to address the research question (Brewerton and Millward, 2001). In this way, this research is to find out the relationship between the perception of consumers and employees towards different types of CSR activities and brand image, and the time…

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