Differences Between Sociology And Anthropology

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Surveys and Experiments, longitudinal studies, are two significant methods of research used in Sociology. First, the Survey method, a primary research method, studies a larger, broader population of sociology (Bryant, L. (2014), (Census). However, this survey method, experimenter chooses the subject, list of specific questions, and analysis of the data collected. The advantage of this method involves a faster evaluation period and less expensive. However, the disadvantage of this method, lacks the interviewers ability to observe the participants’ emotions to the questions. Also, the participants’ may not answer the questions honestly, and this small groups opinion serves as a representative of a larger population (Henry Tischler, (2011). …show more content…
Anthropology and sociology are both behavioral sciences. Furthermore, both anthropology and sociology adopt a scientific method by investigation and analysis. In contrast, anthropology and sociology ask distinguishable different questions and differ in the methods of research related to the field of social human behavior. Similarly, interviews and participant observation are two methods of research used by anthropology and sociology, both use quantitative and qualitative outcomes. In contrast, anthropology is a study of experiential and participant research, where sociology analysis the data to attach a proven statistical result. Although, both behavioral sciences use quantitative and qualitative research, sociology directs the studies towards an empirical value of quantitative through statistics. Where anthropology uses both quantitative and qualitative research, this science derives human behavior on a descriptive analysis, reflecting the qualitative research. In conclusion, anthropology and sociology are a closely related behavior science, but each science help each other, yet branches in different areas of study (Donohue-Lynch, B. (2000), Henry Tischler, (2011), (Knieps, L.

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