Essay on Questions On Oral Proficiency And Comprehensibility

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Name: Suad Alnababteh
Assignment #4

1. Citation in APA style
KANG, O., RUBIN, D., & PICKERING, L.. (2010). Suprasegmental Measures of Accentedness and Judgments of Language Learner Proficiency in Oral English. The Modern Language Journal, 94(4), 554–566.
2. What was the researcher 's purpose in conducting this study?
The aim of this study was to examine oral proficiency and comprehensibility in nonnative speakers of English using suprasegmental features of accentedness.
3. What were the hypotheses/research questions?
a. Would computerized analysis of the suprasegmental factors show similar results to the one that relied on subjective rating?
b. What is the role of the suprasegmental factors as a unit on proficiency and comprehensibility? 4. Who were the participants?
Speech samples: 26 male speech sample, who were (6) Spanish, (6) Chinese, (8) Arabic, (8) Korean.
Listener group: consisted of 188 undergraduate students in a university located in the United States.
5. Describe the materials that the researcher(s) used to collect the data.
The samples were collected from a section of an iBT TOEFL task, in which subjects were asked to record a 60 seconds responses to passages they read. The response should include a summery and a demonstration of the passages.
6. Describe the procedures the researcher(s) used to collect the data. The TOEFL task was conducted online and gathered as audio files. These audio files consisted of random speech samples. The…

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