Questions On Job Management Skills Performance Essay

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LO2 Be able to review own potential as a prospective manager
2.1 Assess own management skills performance
A manager must have effective skills as he or she is the person that works with and through the people by coordinating the work activities. I think that I have the potential to perform the duties and activities associated with being a manager (Mascia, 2014). As working in Dorchester hotel, I can state that I have excellent communication skill, and can communicate with each of my employee. As a manager should be able to understand how people feel and why they feel for the decisions taken by them. I have the ability to provide instruction, guidance and advice and can also encourage helping the employees in enhancing their performances and ability. I also have the ability to be consistent and unbiased to the workers.
2.2 Analyse personal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
• Able to respond quickly to the employees issues
• Able to give good customers care
• Can change the decision quickly if find that the decision is not working
• Have low personal issues, so I can offer good value to the customers and the employees
• New to the hob, so have little market presence
• Can’t handle too many new employees and need more time than usual in providing training to them
• Meeting the employee expectation will be challenging
• Trouble dealing with criticism
• Great place to learn with skilled staffs
• Increasing the menu
• Skilled…

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