Store Manager Interview Questions

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Question 1: How long have you been the store manager? Answer: I will be the store manager for 13 years next month. Question 2: Does your store have security cameras? Answer: Yes, at the entrance/exit of the store.
Question 3: Why was Laura trying on the jacket in the aisle?
Answer: Because the dressing rooms were not available that day.
Question 4: Why weren’t the dressing rooms available that day?
Answer: They weren’t available because we were renovating the bathrooms to make them handicap accessible.
Question 5: Who stocked the shelves?
Answer: The new store supervisor, Miguel Leyva, stocked the shelves.
Question 6: What kind of employee is Mr.Leyva?
Answer: He is a very dedicated employee and has shown immense work ethic in
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Question 2: Does Laura wear glasses or contacts? Answer: No she doesn’t wear or need either of them. Question 3: How much does Laura weigh? Answer: Approximately 140 pounds. Question 4: Surely not heavy enough to knock the shelf with the impeccable force usually needed to knock merchandise off of sky shelves. So, is Laura usually aware of her surroundings? Answer: Oh yes, very much she has never been much of the klutz. Question 5: Did you and Laura live together? Answer: Yes we have lived together for a little over two years. Question 6: And were you and Laura sexually intimate? Answer: Yes, very much so if I may say. Question 7: Of course, now, do you have a job? Answer: No, I was recently laid off, last month actually. Question 8: Who pays for the rent? Answer: We both did, but as I said I was recently laid off so Laura has been holding down the fort. Question 9: With you having been laid off who is paying for the wedding? Answer: We both did. We prepaid for everything, and finalized all the reservations four months ago. Question 10: When is the wedding date? Answer: Well it was scheduled for this Sunday but she won’t recover in

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