Questions On Elementary School Students Essay

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Students in elementary school begin to advance in reading by first learning to read and later improve reading to learn. It’s critical that all students become strategic learners in the world. Students who recognize which strategies to use and when to use them to comprehend text are strategic learners. A few students use the strategies naturally while most students struggle to read the text with understanding. There is a desperate need for teachers to teach comprehension strategies to guide their students with learning to read and understand. Here are reading comprehension strategies based on research evidence identified by the National Reading Panel (2000) that Mr. Jones can utilize with his student in order to assist her with improving her ability to comprehend and accurately respond to implicit questions during the “Literature Circles” and “Reading Workshop” components of the “Four Patterns of Practice.”
The first strategy that can be useful in Mr. Jones classroom is comprehension monitoring. Routman (2000, p. 134) defines comprehension monitoring as “a metacognitive process, which is affected by person strategy and task variables.” This is a great strategy that directs students to make more sense of the text. During the reading workshop, Mr. Jones can teach metacognitive strategies for the student to use before reading to learn how to be aware of the material to comprehend. Once the students apply the strategy when reading, readers begin to reread, look back through text…

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