Essay on Questions On Customer Loyalty And Retention

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1) Customer loyalty and retention
2) Known brand presence in the united states
3) Leverage existing American expat population and Chinese who 've been exposed to American brands
4) Lack of similar profile competitors in the market (Western Organic/Fresh-Produce Supermarkets)
5) Standardized products and uniformity across all the stores
6) On a sample size of 10 random customers , maximum felt quality and security in terms of hygiene

1) Overwhelming segment of Chinese consumer base does not know brand
2) May be duplicated and replicated by competitors
3) Suppliers may not adhere to the same product standards as Trader Joe 's might be accustomed to in the United States
4) Market may not be completely ripe and/or primed for organic/fresh-produce goods in China, Trader Joe 's may not be used to the type of products that Chinese consumers are accustomed to (cured meats, ethnic products)
5) Translate on one hand to brand loyalty from the side of customers and a complete lack of supply (organic bak kwa for eg.) on the side of Trader Joe 's.
6) Unable to reach out to mass audience via social media

1) The ability from inception to create a market for western organic/fresh-produce supermarkets in Shanghai and surrounding markets (Suzhou, Fuzhou, Guangzhou, Hangzhou etc)
2) To create brand loyalty to Trader Joe 's in China, Achieve far-higher sales volumes in major Chinese cities than ever possible in United States, To find potential…

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