Swot Analysis Of Kmart Company

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Kmart’s Products
Next, examining the Kmart’s product will prove helpful in seeing what it currently provides and potential areas where Kmart could invest or divest itself from offering to its consumers. Like most discount department stores, Kmart offers a wide variety of products found in over twenty departments in its stores. Kmart sells almost everything from A to Z. Listing Kmart’s departments alphabetically, they are appliances, automotive, baby items, beauty supplies, books, clothing, electronics, fitness, food, health and wellness, home goods, jewelry, lawn and garden, office supplies, outdoor living, pet supplies, seasonal items, tools, toys, workwear, and uniforms. Kmart also offers brands exclusively licensed to Kmart such as Kathy
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Under the Sears Holding Company, Kmart’s first strategy is to create enduring connections with its customers by enabling them to control their lives. The second strategy is to be the best in output with minimum time and effort. Kmart’s third strategy is to build its distinctiveness in the market through its brand. The fourth strategy is to constantly recreate itself through technology and introducing new ways of doing business. The fifth and last strategy is to bolster the Sears Holding Company standards by daily holding fast to company values (Marco, 2009). Based on Kmart’s current performance in the market it must relook the current strategy and develop strategic alternatives based on the SWOT analysis and projected market environment over the next three years. Abraham (2012) states “A strategic alternative is one of many routes a company might take to gain a market advantage, realize its goals, or if no specific goal has been declared, decide where it might go and what it might accomplish.” The three essential areas to Kmart’s strategic plan will stem from what is obvious or what Kmart is currently doing. The second strategic alternative is a creative alternative to the current fourth strategy of utilizing technology to recreate itself. The third and unthinkable strategic alternative is to eliminate the current …show more content…
Kmart should develop online shopping applications for computers and mobile devices so customers can shop on their computers and mobile devices and then pick up their merchandise from designated parking areas. The designated parking areas would have a kiosk where you can summons the store clerks to make the delivery to the vehicle. While the clerk loads up your trunk, you would verify the receipt, sign it, and drive away. This form of shopping is not only convenient and efficient, but it is currently not offered by Kmart’s competitors. One of the major grievances about discount department stores is that it takes too long to shop and get through the lines at the register. This form of online shopping and pick up eliminates this problem by utterly bypassing the inside of the

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