Questionnaire On The Team Structure Section Essay

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I. Describe the Problem The problem our group selected from the TeamSTEPPS Questionnaire fell under the team structure section. The problem is, staff are held accountable for their actions. With this, our group decided to use the problem as staff are not held equally accountable for their actions due to previous experiences. This is an extremely serious problem for nursing units to have because it demonstrates a lack of leadership, does not contribute to a healthy work environment, and can ultimately lead to poor-quality patient care. An example of this problem would be a staff nurse that does not get disciplined for clocking in late; this staff nurse is not disciplined because they is friends with management. Meanwhile, another staff nurse that is not friends with management gets disciplined for clocking in late. This kind of treatment does not go unnoticed, although it may go unaddressed by fellow staff nurses to management. The problem of not holding everyone accountable for their actions equally directly undermines the tasks of leadership, which include affirming values, motivating, and achieving a workable unity (Grossman & Valiga, 2013). If staff does not perceive competence and trust in leadership, there will be no organizational loyalty and therefore, no creation of a healthy work environment, which is crucial for patient safety and satisfaction (Grossman & Valiga, 2013).
II. Contributing Factors
A manager who applies rules to their employees differently…

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