Essay about Quality Standards And Medical Decisions

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Within this literature review I discovered many gaps in the question of who, what, and where. Who is deciding what quality data needs to be collected is the first question I reviewed. Based on the literature the setting of quality data is developed by many including hospitals themselves, emergency medicine organizations and supporters, and especially the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare (CMS). CMS has a huge role in deciding what quality measures are key to success in an organization. With input from other organizations and the assistance of the Joint Commission evidenced based information is collected to determine what quality measurements are going to be and what may be upcoming. The answer of who should be setting quality standards varies from those leaders down to hospital administrators and physician input. Overall, it takes the medical community working together and the outpouring of quality data collected to determine the best measures. The gaps in this will continue to exist as medical decisions are made year to year and key measurements are identified that truly effect the patients and communities. CMS has decided for 2015 that all providers are required to attest to a single set of measures (CMS, 2015). This ensures that all care is being provided on a, at least somewhat, equal level of necessary quality. A question that still exists for review is who will continue to ensure the quality of these quality measurements?
What exactly are quality measurements…

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