Quality Of Social And Physical Environments Essay

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Quality of Social and Physical Environments in Preschool and Children’s Development of Academic, Language, and Literacy Skills
Manuel Lee Jr.
Child Psychology – EDPR 7111 Dr. D. Winsor
University of Memphis

Mashburn, A. (2008). Quality of Social and Physical Environments in Preschools and Children 's Development of Academic, Language, and Literacy Skills. Applied Developmental Science, 12(3), 113-127. Retrieved September 24, 2014, from EBSCOHOST.
In the United States of America today, we are faced with questions about if our children are getting the best in knowledge. We worry about their social environment as well as their physical location. How much should a preschooler know and do? Andrew Mashburn, professor at the University of Virginia, conducted a research study to research the quality of the social and physical conditions in the preschool settings. This study also allowed for him to study how the four year olds developed academically as well as their verbal and knowledge skills. Mashburn wanted to bring awareness that the social and physical condition in our preschools and also the effects of the blending of intellectual communication and learning expertise. Mashburn wanted to examine comparisons between four year olds quality and the average levels of academic language and literacy development in children enrolled in these classes.
Literature Review
To develop means to grow, acquire, or expand. Andrew Mashburn suggests that these 4 year olds…

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