Quality Assurance in Vocational Education Essay

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In recent years, the discussion and debate on the quality of higher education and the mechanism for quality assurance in higher education have growth intensely. With the upgraded formerly known as vocational school to vocational college, quality of the end product should not be compromised.
Concern on quality did start from the 13th and 14th century where it more focused on the term of education, the delivery system and the intended audience at that time. The setting for education at that time was for select few or the elite classes as the early European universities were set up to the educated status of the nobility. The criteria for quality assurance at the time were limited to determining the expertise
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An important guru of quality control Philip Crosby said that goal of quality improvement is zero defects (Crosby, 1979). He offered a 14-point program as listed below: Step1. Management Commitment; Step2. Quality Improvement Team; Step3. Quality Measurement; Step4. Cost of Quality Evaluation; Step5. Quality Awareness; Step6. Corrective Action; Step7. Establish an Ad Hoc Committee for the Zero defects program; Step8. Supervisor Training; Step9. Zero Defects Day; Step10. Goal Setting; Step11. Error Cause Removal; Step12. Recognition; Step13. Quality Councils; Step14. Do it over again;
In the Malaysian Qualifications Agency Act 2007 (MQAA 2007), it assigns the responsibility for quality assuring higher education in Malaysia to the MQA. For public education institutional in Malaysia, MQA will develop programme standards and guides to good practices to cover the whole range of disciplines and good practices. There are nine areas of evaluation for quality assurance under MQA guidelines: 1. Vision, mission, educational goals and learning outcomes; 2. Curriculum design and delivery; 3. Assessment of students; 4. Student selection and support services; 5. Academic staff; 6. Educational resources; 7. Programme monitoring and

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