Quality Assurance From The Defense Industry 's Need For Standards

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Quality assurance originated from the Defense Industry’s need for standards. In order for companies to supply a product to the Ministry of Defense (MoD) a company must write out a procedure to make that product have the MoD inspect that procedure and then ensure that all employees follow that procedure while making that product. (Bureau, 2016 ) The first real strides in quality assurance came in 1966 when the UK lead the world’s first campaign for quality. Their slogan was “Quality is everyone’s business.” At this point in time the only quality checks were coming from the customers doing their own inspections before accepting goods. True movement finally came in 1969 when it was decided that suppliers’ methods should all be assessed against the same standard of quality assurance across the board. (Bureau, 2016 ) In in 1971 the first standard for quality assurance was developed by the British Standards Institute (BSI). It was aimed at the electronics company in an effort to lower the amount of faulty parts going to customers. Then in 1974 the BSI published the guidelines for quality assurance. This document changed the burden of product inspection from the customer to the supplier. At this time supplier were using 3rd party inspectors to guarantee products to customers and no inspections were being done in house. Finally, in 1979 the BSI organized meetings with industries to set common standards of quality assurance. Key industries agreed to drop their own standards and…

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