Quality Analysis : Quality And Quantity Essay

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Quality versus Quantity
The credibility of quality research mainly sets on the following aspects. The techniques used for rigorous methods that are used for the collection of data. The analysis and the attention plays a significant role to the different issues like validity, reliability, and triangulation. The researcher credibility is dependent on the experience of the individual and along with the track record and the status obtained. The philosophical belief the value of the inquiry and the application of diverse qualitative methods for better sampling.
Credibility of Methodology There are techniques for the usage and the increasing of the quality of data; however, there are different problems with the findings. There exists a state that is beyond the analyst insight that is not from the technical side of the analysis and has to be explained. Here comes the idea of qualitative research. The credibility of the researcher enters into question when the researcher performs a 24 task to identify various elements of the research. The search for the rival explanations and the explanation of the negative cases help in this technique. These methods have to be done with the data in mind. The technical analysis is one of the most significant factors in the determination of the credibility of the researcher (Leininger et al., 1985).
When investigator look at the qualitative and quantitative techniques have applied the same criteria to measure the merit and the…

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