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QDC1 COMPLETED Study Questions

Quality Management:
Ch. 9, 10, Operations Management; Ch. 2, 3, 5, 7, Quality and Performance Excellence

Click for Skillsoft Module: The Who, What and Why of ISO 9000:2000
Click for Skillsoft Module: Six Sigma: Reducing Variation to Improve Quality

List the types of graphical charts used in operations management.

Gantt Chart, PERT, P-Chart, C-Chart, Control Chart.
Check Sheets
Cause-and-effect diagrams
Pareto diagrams
Scatter diagrams
Run charts
Control Charts

Which charts are important in statistical process control (SPC)?

Run Chart
Control Chart

Describe the uses of functional flowcharts.

Representation of
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1. Select Process
2. Study/Document
3. Seek ways to improve
4. Design improvement process
5. Implement improvemnt
6. Evaluate process
7. Document

What are the methods for developing a quality management system?

1. Deming Cycle (PDSA) Plan, Do, Study, Act
2. Six sigma quality management approach which is (DMAIC) Define, Measure, Analyze, implement, Control
3. Total Quality Management (TQM) 1. find out what customers want 2. Design a product or service that will meet it. 3. Design processes that facilitate doing the job right the first time. 4. Keep track of results and use them to guide improvements. 5. Extend these concepts throughout the supply chain.

How do you evaluate processes to determine if process variation is acceptable or unacceptable?
A control chart is a time-ordered plot of sample statistics. it is used to distinguish between random variability and nonrandom variability. It has upper and lower limits, called control limits, that define the range of acceptable (i.e. random) variation for the sample statistic. Implementing Control charts is done my sampling the observations and measuring the range that the sampling falls in, if the sampling is out of range it is out of control and unacceptable if the sampling falls in the variation range than it is acceptable.

What are some of the costs associated

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