Essay on Qba- Family Happiness

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Income and Family Happiness
Xueqing Feng
Business 652
Harding University
June 19, 2012

This study proposes to know whether the family happiness correlated to salary, and whether the family happiness is correlated to satisfaction on living conditions or family members' relationship. The study will be for the family in Little Rock, AR. Hypothesis testing and regression analysis will be used to analyze the data gathered from 50 subjects.

Which factor is the strongest one to affect the family happiness? Most people would think about the income at the first time. Because of the strong purchase power enable a higher
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The (MSA) had a population of 709,901 people in the 2011 census. Approximately 34 percent black and just under 65 percent white. However, also like the city, the neighborhood is subdivided geographically into different sociol-economic zones. An example of this stratification is that almost 52 percent of the households in the area are classified as low and moderate income; however, the westernmost quarter of the neighborhood is over 61 percent low and moderate income, while 60 percent of the "Johnson – Woodrow area" households are higher income.
The resident family income in Little Rock, AR as follow:
2010 Household Income Statistics Little Rock, AR Arkansas United States
Total Area Household Income $6,701,530,128 $67,560,296,371 $8,877,041,207,141
Median Household Income $56,264 $44,136 $55,970
Average Household Income $81,212 $58,396 $74,974
Per Capita Household Income $35,000 $23,290 $28,779

The study is designed to ask if the family income is the strongest impact on family happiness, compared with other factors, such as physical health, education, family relationship. Since the higher income is always the foundation of material in a family thus to enhance their family happiness, however it seems not the only factor to contribute the family happiness.

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