Pursuing A Ph. D. Degree In Operations And Information Management Research Statement

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My desire to pursue a research career and to teach in academia, lead me to apply to the Ph.D. program in the Operations and Information Management. I enjoy diving deep into business problems and reviewing concepts in new and critical ways. In fact, OPIM provides tremendous potential for research in my favorite subjects and gives me a chance to be involved with teaching processes. Therefore, I believe that pursuing a Ph.D. degree in OPIM at a good university like yours not only is a step toward achieving my career goals, but also is a delightful practice.
The undergraduate program in Industrial Engineering which in fact is an education in both engineering and business has given me a chance to get a grasp of knowledge of the fundamentals of business subjects as well as mathematical topics. The business courses fascinated me and the mathematical courses cultivated my mathematical skills. As part of my training, I did some projects to get an in-depth insight of the core courses. At the end of four years, I obtained top grades in my undergraduate courses and high GPA of 3.53/4.00. I was so eager to continue to learn and for this reason, I decided to pursue my
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I was responsible for leading problem solving and course review sessions as well as grading assignments and projects. I was so interested to help students to fully grasp the concepts and therefore I conducted some practical sessions. For example, I held some demo sessions of a Healthcare Decision Support System for Information Systems course. Being involved with undergraduate students was a great experience for me, because it helped me to improve my teaching skills and to establish an in-depth understanding of the topics. Hence, I believe that teaching is a joyful experience and teaching a subject enriches a better understanding of

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