Personal Purpose Statement: Managing Yourself

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Rudderham Ryan - Journal #1: Managing Yourself
Personal Purpose Statement
Each day of my life I aim to use my quick mind and love of competition to efficiently work towards success both academically and athletically. I wish to achieve success by not only improving upon my own skills but also by developing new ones from the resources made available to me. Fortunately, I have been blessed with the opportunity to fulfill such a purpose with the many resources that the Commerce program has to offer. The program provides me with world class faculty from whom I can develop a strong academic background. I am also provided with an excellent well-rounded group of classmates each from a variety of diverse perspectives ready to share knowledge and experience.
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Effectively working in teams may be the key to managing the university workload. To do this I must learn to collaborate in order to best benefit from what others have to offer. A personal weakness in need of development would be my interpersonal skills, particularly emotional intelligence. I must work to create a team environment which fosters emotional awareness. Provide myself with the best opportunity to be empathetic of others. Being able to better recognize the emotions a group will lead to increased trust and identity, and increased trust and identity will in turn increase participation and collaboration (Druskat,Wolff 2001). Developing my emotional intelligence skills will help to maximize my teams creativity and productivity.
Personal Core Values
Important to look at what drives my purpose. An analysis of my person reveals a few strong values that guide my life.
Everything must be done in an efficient manner. In order to maximize success, and provide time for balance, I strive to develop a manner of doing things to increase output while maintaining
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We should never settle for what we have and seek to advance ourselves at every moment. Having a mindset open to learning prove to have many benefits outside of just knowledge. Those who allow their minds to grow are much for responsive to challenges, as they are seen as a personal development opportunity. People with growth mindsets learn to work harder and smarter and therefore are more successful (Dweck,Yeager, 2012). As a student learning is forced, but in addition to my classes I seek to find time to learn outside of the class room and develop learning routines that will stay with me for the rest of my life.
Not only to I strive for success academically, but also athletically. Specifically, in the sport of Cycling. I ride because I love the sport and to improve fitness but it can also reap many benefits in other areas of my life. Time spent on the bike forces a work life balance from which I can increase my productivity and sense of control. Being physically active improves frame of mind and leads to a healthier mind and body. A daily focus on athletics primes myself to be effective for the remainder of every day.

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