Purple Reflection Paper

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During the first session, Purple started to share their experience with full time work and the internal battle that they were experiencing on whether or not they should stay in the job. For me it was interesting to see that this one story so clearly resonated with almost every member of the group. Our body language changed. It was like the group was coming together for the first time to rally around Purple so that they could feel like they were not alone in their experience. After Purple finished sharing, something that took this connection to the next level was when Yellow asked if they could share their own experience. I thought that was a powerful moment because it showed that they cared about whether or not Purple wanted
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They created a structure not only for how the group is going to run, but also for what our interactions should look like. When Purple was sharing, the leader took control of the first response, playing the role of environmental manipulator and model participant. It took some of the anxiety off the rest of the group as to what role to play and also demonstrated that just reflection of what the person said is okay. As the model participant, the leader also established that silence is okay and we do not have to jump in immediately after one-person share. After the initial reflection of what Purple had shared, the leader stayed at a more interpersonal level of leadership, pushing the members to talk to each other. The leader was less focused on problem solving and more focused on creating relationships and connections between …show more content…
There also seemed to be a little resistance to really letting the interaction between Pink and Yellow play out because it meant that we were going to have to recognize that we are all at different places in our lives. Overall though the process at this stage met the tasks, we dealt with the conflict. This led to a deeper trust in the group, that we could share our reaction to another person’s story, even if it is not positive, and no one will judge us or try to just throw a bandaid on the situation. We were a team and had to come together despite our

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