Public View Regarding Bullying And The Pledge Of The Society Essay

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The social vice takes several minor and major implications on the communal life especially for the weak and fragile students. Over the years, bullying is seen as a transitional part of school life to harden children on course of their academic studies. However, humanitarian activists stood against the act suggesting it hinders normal child development to adulthood (Sharp and Peter, p2). It may involve physical or mental torture, which eventually deters some developmental phase for children. Because of the strict rules stimulated against the vice, cyber bullying emerged in the process. It illustrates the adverse impacts of modern technology to the current and future human generation. The paper will counteract the public view regarding bullying and the pledge of the society towards it.

Foremost, bullying affects the lives of most students especially the fragile children in schools. Their counterparts take advantage of their weakness such that they physically and mentally torture them. The outcome is often negative; hence, affecting the way they interact with other people because of the bestowed fear that ruins their dreams and ambitions. For instance, in the USA, the number of such crises increased over the years with adversities such as death of students in the process (Havrilesky, p1). At puberty stage, constant bullying forces students to stay away from schooling activities with excuses of sickness and financial constraints. Such students fear the wrath of their colleagues…

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