Public Tolerance Towards Environmental Tobacco Smoke ( Ets ) Essay

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workplace, the person who smokes may receive a fine or be prosecuted, as may the person in control of the enclosed workplace at the time (the ‘occupier’).
The occupier of a retail shopping centre, bingo area/centre, licensed premises, approved venue, the casino, dining area or an enclosed restaurant/café who fails to display acceptable No Smoking signs may receive a fine or be prosecuted. The table below shows the applicable penalties.As a result of increased social awareness about the risks of smoking to personal health (Wald et al., 1991; Ehrlich, 1992), there have been major shifts in public tolerance towards environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) in the UK. Increasingly, smokers are expected to observe policies restricting smoking behaviour in some public places or risk social disapproval (Law and Hackshaw, 1996).

It is widely accepted that restrictive smoking policies in the workplace reduce levels of harmful ETS at work. This is reflected in the recent UK Government White Paper on tobacco (Department of Health, 1998) establishing that smoking in the workplace will be regulated by a new Approved Code of Practice, developed to encourage the introduction of smoking policies which give priority to the needs of non-smoking employees.

Although there are few UK data on workplace smoking policies, the evidence suggests a growing acceptance of these policies among both employers and employees (Amos et al., 1995; Brenner et al., 1997). A survey of 500 major British…

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