Media Influence On Smoking

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The Law on Smoking and Media Influence
Smoking was once considered fashionable and glamorous. Many iconic celebrities made this legal habit of smoking look socially acceptable, marketing this product as a luxury for the exclusive and wealthy. Most of these aggressive marketing techniques are still used today to competitively advertise for their brand of cigarettes. In 1994, the tobacco industry was served with the largest class act suit in history linking cigarette smoke to the leading cause of lung cancer.

This sparked worldwide controversy since the tobacco industry is a transnational corporation and were considered too powerful to challenge. In 1998, the first state to banish smoking was California since than some states in the United States along with other countries have prohibit smoking in public places like restaurants, bars
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These type of chemicals are hazardous to the environment and have detrimental effects on one’s health causing lung cancer, heart disease, COPD and other preventable diseases and deaths.

Financial and Environmental Effects
The poisonous gases from cigarettes increases air pollution levels of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide making it very difficult for one to breath. This not only effects human heath but also the environment. They are made of cellulose acetate, a plastic that is not biodegradable even after the cigarette has extinguished it can cause wildfires, harm to plants and animals and toxic to the water we drink.

The environmental effects of production for tobacco products is causing an imbalance to our ecosystem and is one cause for ozone depletion. The production of tobacco to create cigarettes requires multiple chemical applications and pesticides which than absorbs nutrients like potassium needed for soiling crops and other plants leaving the agriculture in destitute

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