Essay on Public School Vs. Public Schools

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Parents are given the option of putting their child in a public school or homeschooling them, and it is up to the parents to make the right choice, so their child has the best education possible. Although most parents choose to let their child attend a public school, there are few that choose to homeschool them. Some parents believe that if their child is homeschooled he or she will get a better education. A public school education provides a more diverse learning experience and stronger base than a homeschooling education.

Students who attend public schools are provided with the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities, therefore they have more opportunities than homeschool students. Public schools are “ to fund music teachers and other supplemental programs…”, therefore the students are given the opportunity to participate in other programs through the school (Katz). Through this funding, public schools provide their students with numerous programs they can participate in, such as: band, choir, and theatre (“Pros and Cons of Public School Attendance”). These different programs provide students the opportunity to establish friendships with people they never thought they would. Students who attend public schools, quickly find friends who play the same sport as them. Therefore, when the season comes, they already know and have friends on their team. Homeschooling students have a harder time finding friends or being accepted into a certain group when…

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