Essay about Public School And Childcare Setting

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At the current time, Olmsted County Public Health Department (OCPHD) is working with Olmsted Community Hospital and Mayo Clinic to meet the needs of Olmsted County. The OCPHD considers five health problems in the community to be a priority. These priorities include mental health, obesity, financial stress or potential homelessness, diabetes, and vaccinations against preventable diseases. The OCPHD currently has several programs to assist the community with these priorities; however, many are not well known. The current plan is to increase community awareness through different avenues including the public school system, childcare programs, the workplace, and the community. By increasing awareness, the OCPHD hopes to decrease health care costs by educating the community to make healthier lifestyle choices.
Public School and Childcare Setting A top priority for OCPHD is to promote healthy lifestyle choices in the school and childcare setting. At the current time, the school district is working to provide healthier food choices for school-aged children with a program called the Farm to Cafeteria Program. This program develops gardens on school property or partners with local growers to provide fresh fruits and vegetables for students in public school. To increase community awareness and to help the Farm to Cafeteria Program be successful, the OCPHD will work closely with potential growers who can instruct teachers, students, and community members about growing a…

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