Public Policy Problems Of Affordable Care Act Essay example

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There are many public policy problems that exist in the United States today. One public policy problem is the Affordable Care Act, which is also known as Obama Care. It is a U.S healthcare reform law that expands and improves access to healthcare spending through regulation and taxes. The Affordable Care Act provides Americans with access to affordable health insurance, improving and regulating the health insurance industry, and reducing health care spending in the United States. The objective of Affordable Care Act is to expand health insurance coverage to an estimated 32 million uninsured Americans. The Affordable Care Act gives healthcare access to the Americans who are uninsured. The Affordable Care Act, is a political debate, and it revolves around business because the Affordable Care Act gives incentives. For, instance it offers tax breaks, and to small businesses to help them provide health benefits to employees. The mission of the Affordable Care Act is so no one is uninsured. The mission has been enacted. The optimal problem solving mechanism for the issue regarding the Affordable Care Act is political because as we know, you must either have, or be enrolled under your own health insurance. If you are not enrolled there are severe consequences, like the you will get a heavy tax penalty. As, we know the United States has a federal system type of government in which the United States is controlled by two levels of government. The United States Constitution grants…

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