Public Perception Of Law Enforcement Essay

2029 Words Apr 13th, 2015 null Page
Many factor influence the public opinion of law enforcement including; job approval, officer demeanor, media, and the public 's contact with officers. The approval of the community is what gives officers their right to protect and serve them. Although some officers may be dirty and disreputable people, many are forthright and admirable. When the media portrays officers of the law in any way, people in any community will assume that is what the law enforcement in their community is like even if the media took footage out of context and skewed the view. In today 's society everyone hates the police when they are in trouble but they scrutinize officers when they are in need and the officer is not there at a moment 's notice. Negative public perceptions of law enforcement causes additional stress for officers and makes it difficult for law enforcement to be effective, raising public awareness of the challenges of law enforcement through educational assemblies will help change public opinion. First, the problem of negative public perception of law enforcement creates stress for the already stressed officers which causes depression and suicides. Unnecessary stress builds on officers that can be avoided when the public understands the risks in their line of work, and some officers are unable to cope, resorting to suicide. Suicides not only affects the person who has taken his or her life, but it affects the community, and as of 2014, there were around three hundred police suicides…

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