Public Health And Health Care Essay

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1. Public health is a very broad subject compared to medical care. In terms of duties, public health considers the community as a whole, while medical care focuses in on the individual within the community. By broadening its scope public health cannot treat, many people thus it attempts to prevent the illness so it will not have to later treat. Medical care is so narrow that it cannot prevent everyone from getting sick, but can treat the few that public health are not able to reach. According to, “a large part of public health is promoting healthcare equality, quality, and accessibility.” In order for public health to do its duty of preventing, it must create and pass laws, and has large ties in politics. Another differentiating factor is who is performing these tasks. For medical, care a doctor, physician, nurse, etc... perform treatment for illness or disease. Public health’s provider is in a sense the government that creates laws to prevent and protect individuals and communities. Through agencies like the health department, the center for disease control and prevention, and the food and drug administration public health is able to take preventative measures. Not only is the government involved but also public health the individuals that vote to pass or not pass these laws. In addition, the people or agencies that must implement programs are involved in the “treatment” to prevent disease and illness.
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